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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Martian Empires

I just saw this over on TMP!

We are very pleased to announce the
publication of Oozlum Games' first ruleset
in the form of Martian Empires – a set of
fast-play big battles rules for
Victorian Science Fiction games.

Martian Empires is in full colour throughout,
runs to 52 pages excluding covers, and
includes full rules,army lists and five
introductory scenarios. The rules are
priced at £15.00 GBP.

The rules have been developed over the last three years,
and there is a thriving forum dedicated to Martian Empires
here.Black Hat Miniatures launched a comprehensive range
of Martian warriors and space-faring Victorian British soldiers
in November 2004. This range now includes over 50 packs
and vehicles, and is still growing. Oozlum Games, the publishers
of Martian Empires, is a joint venture between Black Hat Miniatures
and Fighting 15s. Martian Empires is the first in a series of rules
that we will be publishing over the next few years based on the
Huzzah! system. Martian Empires is now available to purchase
through the Black Hat Miniatures shop at

Martian Empires is available in the U.S.A. through
Scale Creep Miniatures.

I have now added the item to my online shop and will have
an order in to Mike later this week. You may pre-order the
book now to ensure you get yours hot off the presses so to

Mark Severin


Bill said...

These I must have for background color if for no other reason!

Don M said...

I'll be talking to Mark soon...)

Joe said...

I'm with you there...A must have!