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Saturday, May 28, 2016

OFFICIAL - GZG: 24 hour flash sale for Bank Holiday Monday!

Hi all, a quick update: If folks on here could do me the favour of spreading this around all the usual websites, blogs and various sites where people may find it of interest, that would be very much appreciated - especially as this is time-sensitive in that the sale starts in about 30 hours and ends again 24 hours after that!

UPDATE - SATURDAY 28th May 2016:
May seems to have passed in a blur, orders have been coming in and going out regularly (I'm fully up to date with all orders at the moment so turnround times have been back to the expected "rapid response" in most cases) while I've been having to deal with quite a lot of stuff regarding my late Mum's estate, and suddenly it's the Late May (Whitsun) Bank Holiday - so just on a whim, I'm doing a 20% off store-wide sale for 24 HOURS ONLY, from midnight on Sunday 29th until midnight on Monday 30th! To claim the discount all you need to do is place and pay for your order during that 24 hour period, using a special discount code that I will post on the store on Sunday 29th. There will be no minimum order value for the discount to apply, so if you want to get 20% off just a single pack of figures that is fine - but as usual the discount will NOT apply to postage/shipping rates, as sadly the miniatures don't magically get lighter when their prices are discounted!
Oh, and PLEASE remember that the timings of the sale start and finish will be strictly by UK TIME, so make sure you take account of the time zone differences wherever in the World you are!
Please drop back to rhe store again on Sunday 29th for details of the code to use and further info on the sale.....
Thanks for reading!
Jon (GZG) 28th May 2016.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dust, Tears & Dice: Laserburn - Imperial Commander - A real blast from...

Dust, Tears & Dice: Laserburn - Imperial Commander - A real blast from...: It must be my age. These has been a real hankering of late to go back to the early 1980's and swap the all glossly and background...
I'm thinking of doing a VSF version of these classic rules.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lanchester Mk.II BY Shouting Into The Void

Peter Fitzpatrick at Shouting Into The Void
This is my 1:100 scale (15mm) Lanchester Mk.II that I had printed in high-definition black acrylate by Shapeways. The color is supposed to be the British army's *Deep Bronze Green*, their standard peace-time color for AFVs on home service during the interwar period. It's a color that consistently defeats me; I can never seem to get close to it. Vallejo do a Bronze Green in their VMC range, but it's nothing like the army color, being more like the color of actual green bronze.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Her Majesty's Steam Land-Ship Improbable

From: Peter Fitzpatrick at Shouting Into The Void

Her Majesty's Steam Land-Ship Improbable is ready now to go steaming across the veldt.

Except that now that I look, I suddenly realise that I completely forgot the funnel.


So, not quite finished. But nearly!

A bit later....

I added the funnels and replaced the pictures, so now I'm done.