The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yet More Moros...Why Not?

Bloodaxe 15mm Moro Rebellion

15mm Figures For America's Splendid Little War

From Sculptor/Modeler/Author Chris Ferree, returns his original line of figures for the Spanish-American War in 15mm. First produced by Richard Houston over 10 years ago as part of the innovative "Battles In A Box" miniatures collections, the full line is once again available exclusively from TVAG.

Masterfully cast by Tom Dye of GFI/MiniFigs USA, the figures come from newly mastered molds and are as crisp and full of character as ever.

"Rough Riders!" consists of all troop types actually sent to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippine Islands by the United States, and as they fought the defending Spanish forces. The Spanish are themselves well represented by the troops (as defined by recognizable uniform types) defending the last outposts of their former Empire.

And as combat with the Spanish ended, new foes appeared. Of these, the most colorful and exotic were Spain's perenial Philippine enemies, the Moros. "Rough Riders!" provides these fanatical warriors and their lethal weapons in spades.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

WTNW Core II Game

The ArmChairGeneral (Rob) well be running a demo of the When the Navy Walked: Core II rules at Borderlands Comics and Games on Wednesday October 20 from about 6:00-9:00 immediately following their Jacksonville Garrison meeting. He will be bringing enough for several games at once. He will also be trying out some of the new rules from the Martian supplement!

Sudan 1885 - Fortune & Glory

A splendid game put on by the "Lonely Gamers",the game they played was ruffly based on the Battle of Ginnis in fact it was so ruff that the only resemblance was the opposing sides and that it was the last time the British Army would were their beloved 'Red Coats' into battle.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Test Game Scheduled "BATTLEFIELD GAMES" Killeen, TX

Test Game Scheduled BATTLEFIELD GAMES Killeen, TX

Went to our local games store met some new guys and scheduled our
test game of "When The Navy Walked" for Oct 31!


4200 East Stan Schlueter Loop
Killeen, TX 76542
(254) 554-5596

Monday, October 4, 2010

When the Navy Walked

When the Navy Walked - Core Rules 2 Note:

Thank you for purchasing When the Navy Walked! You have the core book in the ground level of a new venture that I started because I wanted to be able to share my ideas. When the Navy Walked is more than just a game or an idea it is a springboard for imagination. The Victorian Science Fiction genre has always been one that attracted creative individuals. The rules in this book should allow you to have many fun battles using the Great Powers. Look for coming supplements such as scenario and army books that will be designed to expand the alternate universe and add rich elements to the game!

Blog dedicated to these splendid new rules and other items of interest:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Martian Wars In 25mm

Done by a big fan of Martian Adventures! Who was raised on ERB's John Carter of Mars and Chadwick's Space 1889, He just can't get enough of it! So here you have his attempts at wargaming Mars in 25mm.