The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Royal Armouries Heat Rifle

The narrow barrel with collimating coil gives greater range and effect than any hand held heat weapon produced before, and the heat dissipation ring and versatile coolant socket allow more versatility then earlier models also.High pressure and improved faceting methods (using the techniques patented by the Royal Jewelers to cut the Koh-I-Noor) give the collector crystal the ability to process energy from a light source as dim as a household oil lamp

Misc Weapons

Some of Christian Graves creations


The weapons Fredrik modeled and I textured have been done for a couple of days and a picture was included in the presentation. Nevertheless, here they are again:

Shipyard - Zeppelin LZ43

This particular model is about 150mm long and the main envelope is made from card. If you can imagine the envelope being constructed in five sections; the nose, forward section, the main body, rear section and tail;

Steampunk Tank

This impressive steampunk tank paper model comes complete with a rotating turret. The printable DIY instructions to build this awesome ‘Steam Tank’ can be downloaded at this site.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brigade Models Christmas Sale

Ho Ho Ho! The boys at Brigade say:

So what does the Brigade cracker have in her stockings for you this year ... ?

15% off

Yep that's 15% off all of our models - Aeronef, starships, Land Ironclads, 15mm and 6mm tanks, Iron Stars, WWI Belgians ... all except Celtos, where we're being even more generous ...

And that's it - no minimum or maximum orders, just a blanket discount for the whole of December. So what are you waiting for, get shopping !?

The website will still show the full price of each item, but the price that goes into the PayPal shopping cart will be the discounted one.

There are just a few exceptions and conditions, as you might expect ... percentage shipping rates will still be charged at the full item cost, since we were unable to persuade the post office to match our offers ! The discount covers our metal and resin models - it doesn't apply to rulebooks, dice, bases, game mats or anything else that we don't manufacture ourselves, simply because the margins on those items are much tighter. However, starter packs with rules, dice or bases in are covered. Even with these limitations, we're sure you'll agree it's a mighty fine offer !

Raygun Assassin

Who is this mysterious Raygun wielding assassin?...
No one knows for sure.One theory holds that she is
merely the two dimensional figment of a baffled
artists imagination. Yet others maintain that she is
a highly paid contract killer who stalks our solar
system and beyond in search of elite quarry.
Which theory is true? Well you'll just have to bloody

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

10th Hussars Reconnoiter The Khyber Pass

The telegraph station at Tranjapour was the most forward
base between Fort Grant and The Khyber Pass. In bygone
years it had been subjected to small nuisance raids conducted
by local tribesmen too numerically weak to do more than cut
the wire and disturb supplies coming in. In early 1898/2008
attacks suddenly intensified causing Imperial authorities to
order a more vigorous presence. Reinforcements began
arriving in late July.

Campaigns Of General William Augustus Pettygree

General Pettygree's relief column continues its march from
Fort Grant to Tranjapour. The most forward unit is 1st Troop
1/9th. Bengal Lancers acting as a screen. They are followed in
turn by 2nd. Troop 1/9th Bengal Lancers, two troops of 2/9th
Bengal Lancers, three companies of the 1st. Sikh Infantry
Battalion, 1/1 Mountain Battery and the supply element.