The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

15mm S.E Asia Elephant Wars

Siamese / Burmese Wars Figures by Baker Company
These packs are NOW available to order, including the
elephants! Each pack of foot contains 8 identical figures.

Bang Rajan

Epic in every sense of the term, Bang Rajan tells the story
of the villagers of Bang Rajan (alternatively: Bang Rachan),
who, in King Ekkathat’s reign of 1765, successfully defended
their isolated village in the province of Sing Buri against eight waves of attacks from invading Burmese troops. Unsurprisingly, this tale has been incredibly influential, becoming a symbol of patriotism, with the people of Thailand honoring these heroes every February in one of the country’s many festivals. The tale
of Bang Rajan has also been used frequently by the Thai military
governments as a political tool, not only to create unity within
the country, but also so that they can claim that they, like the
band of villagers, are also acting to protect the nation from external
threats. Thus it is not particularly surprising that this film in
particular has been so well-received by the public and government
alike, as though the story has been told in numerous plays and films
over the years, this is by far its most prolific retelling to date.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Ever wondered what form your favorite Transformers would
take if they existed in different eras? Wonder no more, as IDW’s
new Evolutions line will look at some special out-of-continuity
tales involving the Robots in Disguise. The line makes its debut
in June with the four-part Hearts of Steel. In this standalone
miniseries, writer Chuck Dixon and Transformers artist supreme
Guido Guidi
transplant the ‘bots to the Industrial Revolution,
where a charismatic hammer-man named John Henry discovers
that a steam drill is really an alien robot named Bumblebee.
Before he can process this information, the pair are attacked by
Decepticons disguised as tanks, trains and walking engines. Is this
all part of a larger scheme by Starscream? And if so, will the other
Autobots arrive in time to stop his nefarious plans?

Guidi has taken over for the series' original artist, Ted McKeever.
Keep in mind that the below sketches are just that, and not final
art, but enjoy the characters' initial reimagining, Guidi-style.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Steampunk Doctor Who Fan-Art

This, is the work of DeviantArtist Promus-Kaa, and is one of a series of Steampunk reimaginings of the iconic Doctor Who characters. As well as the shown dalek, there’s a cyberman, the highly advanced robotic-dog K-9, and a TARDIS (time machine in the shape of a British police box). Interestingly, he also had a go at an Art-Deco dalek too. Oh, and if you’re curious, apparently the backgrounds for many of these pictures are care of GeneralVyse, who does some impressive WW1 era uniforms and illustrations. Thank you Ms Algorithim and Mr Swinehart!

Once again my thanks to the Brass Goggles gang!

Brass Goggles write up on Major General Tremorden Rederring’s page

The good Mr Suverkropp kindly wrote to tell me about the
lovely Steampunk wargaming page of a delightfully lighthearted group somewhere in Texas - Major General Tremorden Rederring's page!They're pleasantly free and easy about their
lack of historical accuracy - steam velocipede torpedo's are fired across the landscape of Ouargistan from experimental landships, desperately trying to fight back the Martian menace!

In particular, I very much like the `contest' that one of the players
set the others - someone had turned up with their own landship (the
above Her Majesty's Land Ship Ogress), and a long time fan of
Mr Wells work was so impressed, that he collected a hefty pile of junk,
parts and components, and distributed them to the other players with
the challenge to make their own! You can see the results here - I
particularly like "The Bronze Bunny of Ouargistan", but that may be
due to too much Monty Python. Lovely page, and definitely convey's
the lighter side of Steampunk!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Evidence Of Doctor Steel's Plot

The Foreign Office and Her Majesty's Secret Service
have uncovered further evidence of the notorious
Doctor Steel's continued plotting and intrigue.

An artists rendering from an eyewitness
account of the notorious Doctor in his
"Impervious Suit"

The Doctor seems to operate in areas of dispute between
the great powers or in isolated locations around the world.

This heavily armed and armored train
was spotted operating between the
Ethiopian and Nabyssinian kingdoms
of east Africa. There are rumors of
other such trains in Outer Mongolia
and warlord governed sections of north

The recent outbreaks of violence and colonial rebellion reported
from many governments the world over may indeed be attributed
to the Doctors activities. This seems to be an effort to destabilize
the order of the planet by supplying advanced arms to dissident
factions and placing the blame on a competing power.An example
would be the capture by the French of large amounts of German
arms in a warehouse in Algeria.

An alert guard at the Governor's compound in
the Crown Colony Of Hong Kong shot down
and recovered what can only be described as
a electric powered spy in the form of a metal
hummingbird! Fortunately it's armor was not
proof enough to protect it from
.45 Martini-Henry rifle.

The Foreign Office on the request of Her Majesty has through it's
diplomatic service informed all the governments concerned about
it's and the Secret Service's findings in the hope that war can be

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nacukul Campaign Map B2

A bit more of nothing on this map sheet however, it connects
two rather important sheets !

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The German Luftschifferabteilung (airship detachment) was
formed as a separate branch of service in 1887 - its uniform
being the same as that for the engineers of the guard with the
addition of a yellow "L" on the red shoulder straps. The airship
detachment is formed as a three-battalion regiment for
administrative purposes, but personnel are drawn from various
companies and battalions to form the crews of airships. Most
aerial vessels in German service are hydrogen-filled rigid airships;
these ships are almost universally called "Zeppelins" after their
inventor, Count von Zeppelin.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nacukul Campaign Map B1

This is the far right center map sheet showing the key
Inundi pass seized by the Flying column under the
command of Sir Martian.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Nacukul Campaign Map B3

The map sheets run from left to right 1 to 4 and top to bottom A to D
This map sheet shows the area in and around the Wazulu Royal Kraal
at Umgungundlovu

Nacukul Station Destroyed!

Well before the main force under the command
of Sir Arthur reached Nacukul Station smoke columns could be seen against the sky.

As Sir Arthur's division entered the destroyed station evidence of a massacre was clear.There were no survivors ether from the garrison nor from the small civilian community to be found.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cavalry Skirmish

After Sir Martian's decisive victory over the Wazulu at Inundi
pass. He sent out cavalry patrols from his strong position at the northern end of the pass.
The western most of these patrols consisting of a squadron of
lancers and one of dragoons encountered and drove off a similar
sized element of Nabyssinian light horsemen. They were then
forced to retreat back to camp with the arrival on the field of a
larger combined force of Wazulu and Nabyssinians.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yet More Fun With Blazing Skies

I'm building a pirate fleet of armed junks
and other craft so I'm doing my first aerial
squadron with float planes.These will primarily
be made up of mercenaries, not necessarily
pirates themselves.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Victorian Inventions

Inventions have been extremely important throughout the ages, making our lives simpler, easier, and even longer. If there had never been any inventions we would still be living incredibly simple lives. Inventions define what it is to be human. Inventions in the nineteenth century, such as the telegraph may have led to many of the items that we use today, such as the cell phone. These following inventions are some of the more important inventions of the nineteenth century that helped create the world we live in today.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Flying Column Checks Wazulu Advance

The Flying column under the command of
Colonel Sir Martian Ashworth encountered
a single Wazulu Impi to the west of the main
Army. Sir Martian's command consists of
the Guards Camel Corps, 2nd Battalion 64th
King's Royal Rifle Corps,3rd Battalion 91st
Highlanders, 3rd Gurkhas, 13th Light Infantry,
23rd Punjab, 17th Lancers, 3rd Dragoons,
4th Bengal Lancers, one battery of Punjab
mountain artillery,one battery of 9lb RHA, and
six Gatling guns attached to various infantry

The Wazulu Impi of 4000 warriors with a battery
of French smooth bore Napoleons as well as a
fairly large amount of French supplied rifles
struck at Inundi pass.

The use of artillery and rifles was a surprise to
British forces and caused considerable causalities
to leading light units in the battle. The 9lb-er
British guns won the range duel and soon destroyed
the Wazulu guns.

The massed fire power of the Highlanders and 64th
King's Royal Rifle Corps with Gatling gun support
stopped the Impi's attack cold.

The Wazulu right flank was struck by the combined
British cavalry, while the left was hit by 23rd Punjab
and 3rd Gurkhas. At one point in the battle the 3rd
Gurkhas distinguished themselves by charging down
a small hillock into Wazulu ranks, and with their Kukris
alone cut a swath through the Impi as the 23rd Punjab
fired from above.

The Wazulu having suffered 30 percent causalities at
that point disengaged and in remarkably good order
retreated back up the pass.

Scouts from the 17th Lancers later reported that the
Wazulu were moving at great speed toward the noth
east where a vast dust cloud could be seen in the
distance closing with the Impi.

Sir Martian prudently decided to pick out a strong position
at the northern end of the pass and send word to Sir Arthur
of these developments.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Bit More Fun With Blazing Skies

Joe's Top Fighter!

Joe's state of the art and thoroughly
modern air service,
Known as the "Terror Of The Skies"
largely to it's own crews!

Joe's Bomber

Latest Battle Report:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fun With Blazing Skies

Bill's Ace Aircraft.......Lone Star One

Count Gianni Caproni di Taliedo designed many wonderful aircraft and even owned or sat on the boards of of some 20 of Italy's best known aircraft companies in the 20s and 30s.

In 1932 Caproni financed and built this amazing ducted-fan flying barrel that was designed by the controversial Italian designer Luigi Stipa.

This- ugliest of all airplanes- bizarre and ungainly are a couple more good descriptions- was used to investigate the characteristics of the 'Ducted-Fan propulsion unit in conjunction with the 'Hollow-Chord fuselage.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I Saw this over On Tas's Blog:

Flying Officer Stumpy Prangsworthy’s handlebar moustache streamed behind him in the 80mph wind as he craned his head round trying to locate where Von Strudels Flopper Troutplane had gone to. Deep within the cloud, the spineless Boche had shown his true colours and escaped Stumpys righteous justice. The little Armstrong-WTF 90hp engine growled a new song as he side-slipped his trusty
Soppingwet Camel down towards the now helpless Gotha Inhimmel. The Gotha was almost at the target and in scant moments would land at the brewery and snatch No14 Squadrons Claret from under their noses.


It's 1914 or 1926 but it's not like you've seen it before. The air is filled with the roar of poorly built Biplanes struggling for supremacy. Gongs and Promotion await those who can stand the heat of battle, derision and the firing squad for those who flee from the enemy.

Skying Blaze Clouding Fluff

The latest Release from the Atkins Wargames Stables, B.S.F.C takes the player and puts them in the cockpit of a Biplane and faces them off in a duel 2 the death.

  • It is a Set of Aerial Rules for Miniature Biplanes & Monoplanes.
  • Games are usually 20-40 min's long
  • The game is playable with any model airplane of about 6 cm long
  • It is a Semi-Hex based system. It uses no play mat so battles may be fought on the floor or on tabletops
  • Energy management is core to the game, players will rip their wings off if they go too fast, they will stall if they go too slow, but do you have the energy to preform that Immelman? Having said that...can your Hawker Phtooy do a Immelman?
  • Rules for Fuel , G force,Ammo and pilot skill are included for those who like a more advanced game
  • Rules for Hitting the silk, escaping capture, Gongs and promotion, running a Campaign and a Squadron for those who seek long term Glory.
  • Pilots can upgrade their Kites with new items such as "Noise seeking rockets" and "Intimidating paint job"
  • Mustache length is Vital in these rules. A luxuriant 'tache will carry a Chap far
  • This isn't Wings of War...It has altitude and altitude matters.

Further Infomation & pictures at

So no more time for breifing chaps, Scramble! Chocks away and we'll be back before opening time! Hurrah!

The Mysterious Island of Dr. Carter

A game by Stuart Murray

Whitehall, London, 1889: "It's decided then. Dr.Carter's island is too valuable to us. We must occupy it before any other Power gets wind of it." "That will be hard, Sir. Dr.Carter is on a lecture tour now publicizing his discoveries." "We must act fast then, what do we have in the area ?" "In that we are fortunate, Sir. HMS Vigilant was detailed to escort the Challenger Expedition to Krakatoa next month. We can divert it immediately." "Excellent, we will use Challenger as a cover to occupation."
East Indian Sea, 1889: "Captain, we are coming up on the Island now" "Very good, let Lieutenant Harding and his men know" "Sir, there's something on the beach, its a flag, Sir." "No. That's no flag, that's a towel. This can only mean one thing... ...The German's have got here before us"

To the Victor The Spoils...

A game by Stuart Murray

The Martian wars were finally past us. Humanity was blasted, poisoned and starved almost back to the Stone Age before the beastly Martians succumbed to a lowly germ. England had been bled almost white by the Invaders, with people by the score hauled away to feed the ravenous blood-sucking fiends.

In the aftermath a scared, huddled, humanity emerged to seek vengeance on their cruel tormentors. Martian constructs were smashed as soon as they could be found, as if wrecking the Martian paraphernalia could give some sense of revenge. Yet, even in this hellish aftermath, there were some forward thinking men. Shattered remnants of Governments sought to gain what advantage they could from the Martians. Crippled fighting and collecting machines of all kinds were secreted and studied. Mankind best minds were put to the task of deciphering the alien technologies.

The first successful activation of a heat ray was short lived; its generator quickly overheated and exploded, destroying much and killing many. Despite this, it was considered a defining moment as man could now harness this savage power for his own dark purposes. A new kind of gold rush followed, individuals, companies and governments scrabbled to capture as much Martian machinery as possible before others could lay claim to it. All too often this led to more spilling of precious human blood.

In those heady days of freedom from the tyrannical oppressors and marvel at the power of Martian scientific achievement most people gave no thoughts to the dead Martians. They were soon to learn that this was a mistake...