The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

To the Victor The Spoils...

A game by Stuart Murray

The Martian wars were finally past us. Humanity was blasted, poisoned and starved almost back to the Stone Age before the beastly Martians succumbed to a lowly germ. England had been bled almost white by the Invaders, with people by the score hauled away to feed the ravenous blood-sucking fiends.

In the aftermath a scared, huddled, humanity emerged to seek vengeance on their cruel tormentors. Martian constructs were smashed as soon as they could be found, as if wrecking the Martian paraphernalia could give some sense of revenge. Yet, even in this hellish aftermath, there were some forward thinking men. Shattered remnants of Governments sought to gain what advantage they could from the Martians. Crippled fighting and collecting machines of all kinds were secreted and studied. Mankind best minds were put to the task of deciphering the alien technologies.

The first successful activation of a heat ray was short lived; its generator quickly overheated and exploded, destroying much and killing many. Despite this, it was considered a defining moment as man could now harness this savage power for his own dark purposes. A new kind of gold rush followed, individuals, companies and governments scrabbled to capture as much Martian machinery as possible before others could lay claim to it. All too often this led to more spilling of precious human blood.

In those heady days of freedom from the tyrannical oppressors and marvel at the power of Martian scientific achievement most people gave no thoughts to the dead Martians. They were soon to learn that this was a mistake...

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Joe said...

This one looked cool, no AAR on it?