The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Trooper

The bugle sounds and the charge beginsBut on this battlefield
no one winsThe smell of acrid smoke and horses breathAs I
plunge on into certain death
Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh!

Kelly Gang Armor

No one is ever likely to know just what considerations
influenced the Kelly Gang in the months preceding the
battle of Glenrowan. If the shroud that surrounded so
much of their lives was dark, then the reticence that
enveloped relatives and friends following the climax of
their story was darker still.
What seems likely is that someone - probably Ned himself
- dreamed up a checkmate to the banks’ new ring of security,
and that once the idea was floated its very boldness gave
purpose to everyone. The evidence is that mouldboards
were stolen a few months after Jerilderie, and that the task
of fashioning them into usable shape and quilting them kept
the gang and their supporters busy throughout the entire
1879-80 summer. Ned and Joe meanwhile were casting
around for a strategic objective and tactical plans. The
betrayal of Maggie and withdrawal of the Glenrowan watch
party may well have supplied the occasion sought. Sherritt
would be executed, and his execution used to draw the special
force from Benalla, so leaving its two banks unprotected. The
town would then be isolated by cutting the rail links north and

Monday, August 25, 2008

Trooper Tom Morris

Tom Morris was the first Australian to be recommended
for the award of the Victoria Cross, and arguably should
have been the first Australian Victoria Cross winner. This
interview with the Singleton Argus when he returned to
Australia tells the story:
"Singleton Argus" Tuesday 26 June 1900:

Sunday, August 24, 2008



Lord Hamilton had formerly not only been Inspector
General of HM Prisons but was also a keen student of
(feudal) history and was therefore familiar with both
prison buildings and medieval castles. This combined
knowledge gave birth to the idea of the "Colonial
Administrative Centre", a building that would be the
focus point of each new (larger) British settlement.
The C.A.C. would provide enough space to shelter the
settlers in times of unrest and only need a relatively
small contingent of troops to defend. In case the
battlements would be overrun, the occupants would
still be safe inside behind steel doors, normally
impregnable to native warbands. All C.A.C.'s would
both be modular and (basically) identical. The buildings
would be constructed in reinforced concrete, recently
invented by WB Wilkinson. C.A.C.'s were numbered in
Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV etc), but generally given
the name of the settlement they belonged to.
Thought this would make perfect sense on Mars!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Good Word For Eureka Miniatures

I just got my order (in under two weeks from Australia no
less!) of 15mm WWI Italians from Eureka Miniatures. These
are great little minis, the machine-gun stands are minor
works of art! Very nicely done and as always a breeze to deal

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bloodaxe Minis Order!

I just got my order of 15mm WWI Russians and inter war Soviets,
I must say their sculpting is excellent! The figures compare in
size with those from Peter Pig but have I think a nicer animation.
The price on Bloodaxe miniatures is also far better for we
American customers since there is no exchange rate or high
shipping costs to deal with.

I bought one of their 1914 Russian Infantry Regiment WWI
UNIT PACKS for $14.95, this one was a particular good value
it is based around the Spearhead system and contained 50 infantry
2 officers and 4 machine gun teams. I'll be getting another of these
soon along with their German WWI pack.

I also got some of their interwar period Soviet infantry in Budenka
Cap, very nice figs!

This is a very new company that seems to have allot going
for it and great future lines soon going to be released like
FIRST ITALO-ETHIOPIAN WAR. I do highly recommend
this one guys, they are fast and communicate with their customers
every step of the way. I'm really looking forward to more from this


The Empires Strike Back

The goal is to be the last man (mini) standing. After the British outpost in the Lashindah Valley was wiped out the regional powers met and decided to mount a punitive expedition to retake the lost territory and destroy the hostile native force in the disputed region. Mean while the natives, having found a place where the British might was weak, continue to gather in ever increasing numbers...

The table layout - (identical to 'Amber Waves of Grain' battle):

How The Victorians Did Gadgets

The British Library in London is playing host to an
exhibition of gadgets and technology from the
Victorian era and early 20th century. The collection
belongs to collector and author Maurice Collins and
is promoting the
Business and Intellectual Property center
at the library.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Soldier's Companion 2nd Ed

From Bob Giglio, Designer - 2nd ed.
Soldier's Companion, in answer to the
status of the long awaited second

It's still floating out there in the

It went from first Old Glory wanting to
publish it (when Frank Chadwick was
working with them), then Foundry
(which never got their rules publishing
off the ground), and now sits awaiting

another possible big company - or - to come
out via Frank Chadwick's and Glenn Kidd's
new company - Test of Battle.?Really,Frank
owns the rights to the rules, so I have to go
where/when he wants.

That said, it still stands where it was. I
would have some months of finishing
work to do, but not that much, and a last

My gaming group - The Colonial Boys Club -
uses the rules extensively in playtests for
our games (when we do meet, though running
HISTORICON gets in the way some times!)

So, it's still out there, waiting... maybe
sleeping like ol' Cthulhu? ;)

Bob Giglio, Designer - 2nd ed.
Soldier's Companion

Sovereign Duchy Of Borgonnia

Founded: 24th December 1815, National Day.
Official Language: Latin (Restricted to the Parliament, the Universities and the very nerds), Esperanto (Army and Navy) Laws are always to be translated to French, German, Flemish, and to local "native" languages on petition.
Short History

After Napoleon's victorious Waterloo Campaign, the Emperor marched to meet the Austrian Army. The result, indecisive, was enough to stir rebellion in France and Belgium itself. The most successful one, being the Borgonnian, in which the common people bonded together around Leugim de Borgonnia, the "hidden Duke", then a 12 years old messenger.
A little nation, located somewhere between Burgundy and Alsace was enlarged in order to punish France and establish an European balance of power. A staunch Austrian ally it gained most of the areas when of the Rhine when its Alsatian Army defeated the Prussians at Strassbourg, halting -or so it seems- Bismark Grossdeutschland dream.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Crusade Biplane

Something I found at Walmart, an excellent 15mm scale
biplane from the film Indiana Jones The Last Crusade.
I'll be using these as light bombers.

Last Crusade Landship

Something I found at Walmart, an excellent 15mm scale
tank from the film Indiana Jones The Last Crusade.

Monday, August 11, 2008

And Then Someone Started Screaming...

The ancient city of a seclusive group of natives has recently
discovered. 1 squad each of British, Russian sailors, US Marines,
Mercenaries, Rebs, and French set out to establish first "contact".
It was almost a jovial race to the finish - and then someone
started screaming... (Historican '05).

The Relief to Malakand

The fortress in the Malakand Pass has come under attack!
A relief column with five squads of infantry, a Gardner
Machine-gun with crew towed by a steam lorry laden with
supplies, and a procession of pack animals with handlers
rushes forth to aid them! Their commander Major Stokes is
determined to battle enemy and win!

The Valley of Death

As darkness falls the British are left holding half the villages
and barely more hill than the natives. Only another day
of this work will finally decide the fate of this valley of death!

British - Very Minor Victory - WINNER!
Hill tribesmen - Very Minor Defeat

Fire From The Sky

The steamer Danke arrives at the head waters of the
Jungohella River with a relief force sent out to investigate
an emergency telegraph that was cut short. Famed
mercenary turned adventurer Rupert Steiner leads a squad
of German Rifles, Askari Rifles, and a 3.5 centimeter Quick
Firing Cannon with German crew.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Princess of Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Free online chapters:

The Steampunk Home

Now if the wife lets you get away with it:
I believe that Steampunk is more than just brass and watchparts.
It's finding a way to combine the past and the future in an aesthetic
pleasing yet still punkish way. It's living a life that looks old-
fashioned, yet speaks to the future. It's taking the detritus of our
modern technological society and remaking it into useful things.
Join me as I search for items for my house that combine the
scientific romanticism of the Victorians with our real present and
imagined future.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blazing Skies! Red Clouds !

Our glorious Red Falcons are fielding the powerful
Polikrapoff I-15. The first four of my state of the art
aircraft prepare for take off.

Squadron Tactical Formations

Formation held by Squadron Commander RP McDonald:
Alrecht ye lot, enaw ay thes flying abit loch a
boorichie ay blin' chickens!
Headquarters has provided us wi' new tactical
formations, an' ye
will learn them an' use them
at aw times!
Maybe 'en ye, jenkins willnae shoot yoor ain bludy
win' cheil doon!
Alrecht dismissed!

Something in the Woods...

The Official Blog for Nick Redfern's cryptozoology books "There's Something in the Woods;" "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter;" "Three Men Seeking Monsters;" and "Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot;" and the North American Office of the British-based Center for Fortean Zoology

Mr Nick Redfern

Cryptozoology, UFOs and Crop Circles

Researcher Nick Redfern discussed his 2-year transatlantic hunt, investigating Bigfoot, werewolves, lake monsters, Mothman-type creatures, UFOs and crop circles.

Bigfoot or 'wildman of the woods' reports date as far back as 1100 AD in Britain. In recent times, a number of Bigfoot cases in the U.K. took place near ancient stone circles or prehistoric burial mounds and sometimes peoples' car engines/lights would fail around the time of a sighting. UFOs or balls of light are occasionally seen in association with Bigfoot, such as in the 'Big Thicket' in southeast Texas, he noted. These facts suggest to Redfern there may be a paranormal aspect to the Bigfoot creature-- it could have the ability to traverse realms, and its travel through portals may stir up electromagnetic activity.

He also heard witness accounts of werewolf-type creatures. A farmer in Paradise, TX told him of finding a disemboweled animal, then seeing a man-like figure with a snout like a German shepherd. Later, the farmer found a strange carved head on his property, which led Redfern to suspect the werewolf might've been conjured in a black magic ritual.

In his investigation of crop circles, he interviewed a circle maker, who said he was guided by a higher power when constructing the field patterns. Strange phenomena including missing time, balls of light, and animalistic screams, sometimes accompanied his activity, the circle maker told him.

Sunday, August 3, 2008





Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Following the closure of the Great Exhibition in October 1851,
The Crystal Palace was bought and moved to Sydenham Hill,
South London by the newly formed Crystal Palace Company;
the grounds that surrounded it were then extensively renovated
and turned into a public park with ornamental gardens, replicas
of statues and two new man-made lakes. As part of this
renovation Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins was commissioned
to build the first ever life-sized models of extinct animals. He
had originally planned to just re-create extinct mammals before
deciding on building dinosaurs as well, which he did with advice
from Sir Richard Owen, a celebrated biologist and paleontologist
of the time. Hawkins set up a workshop on site at the park and
built the models there.

More From Bloodaxe Miniatures

Just out: Bloodaxe 15mm Moro Rebellion!
Us Infantry and Philippine Scouts/Constabulary
so far.The "Moro Rebellion" range will include:

U.S. Regulars/Marines
U.S. Colt Machine Guns and crew
Philippine Constabulary
Moro w/rifles
Moro w/swords and spears

Coming Soon!

The First Italo–Ethiopian War was fought
between Italy and Ethiopia in 1895-1896.
The end result was an Ethiopian victory.
Ethiopia was the only African nation to
successfully resist European colonialism…
The first greens and patterns are in hand and
molds will be made throughout the summer
with a target release set for Fall 2008. Look
for pictures and figure listings as the project