The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blazing Bombers

A little surprise for the great one, I'm
getting four Reviresco Products 1/144th
scale AEG-G4 German WWI Bombers

The AEG-G4 was the most widely produced
of the A.E.G. G types and was in use from
1916 through the end of the Great War. The
G-4 could carry 880 pounds of bombs and
was generally used as a short range tactical
bomber. Our kit has a wingspan of 5".

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Enigmas on the Moon

Special Presentations
  • Aristarchus: Glowing Blue Gem or The Fusion Reactor?
  • The Secrets Of Tsiolkovsky: The Man
  • The Secrets Of Tsiolkovsky: The Crater
  • Tracking the Aquila Cargo Transport
  • Just What Have Those Russians been up To?

Adventures in Jimland

Yet another exceptional find by Sir Paul at YWW:

Adventures in Jimland is a fast paced, not very serious set of rules
for hunting in deepest Darkest Africa and primarily uses a card
system to generate encounters. Gamers take the role of Explorers
who can be supported by a number of soldiers, Askikirs and Beraers
(depending on how much money you have).

Use them as is, or with only a slight tweak, they could work well in the
Land that Time Forgot. Either way, the "Reports from Jimland" are an
amusing read. Oh yes, and its free!

Hollow Earth Expedition

Physicist Brooks Agnew shared details about
his upcoming expedition to the North Pole, where
he hopes to learn whether or not the Earth is
hollow. According to Agnew, current scientific
data does not support the plate tectonic model,
which theorizes the Earth's crust floats atop a
pool of magma around a solid core. Agnew said
the 100-man, 13-day expedition will be utilizing
a 450-ft long, 23,000-ton nuclear-powered Russian icebreaker ship, as well as specialized instruments
to measure a 'depression' in the ocean and changes
in the properties of sea water that could point to the
opening of the inner Earth. He suggested the opening
may be as large as 80 to 500 miles across, but could
be 'masked' by the inhabitants who live there. Agnew
said there are reports of at least 8 major races and
200 minor races living in the interior of the Earth.

Strange Creatures in America

Author and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman
discussed his mission to uncover intriguing
phenomena that exist in the U.S. He shared
accounts on such topics as the Dover Demon,
the Lake Champlain monster, the Mad Gasser
of Mattoon, alligators in the sewers, giant
snakes and phantom clowns.
A serpentine "monster" up to 25 ft. in length
has been seen in Lake Champlain, he reported,
Coleman suspects there is a small breeding
population in Lake Champlain of what could
be an undocumented type of giant seal.

Reptoids Research Center

Reptoids Update

'Crypto Hunter' John Rhodes in a discussion
on reptilian humanoids. Because such life
forms could exist underground, we wouldn't
typically see them, though explorer Bonnie
Crystal found bipedal reptilian tracks in a
deep cave in Mexico, he reported. Theorizing
that intelligent "reptoids" evolved from
dinosaurs, he cited the work of paleontologist
Dale Russell who hypothesized what a dinosaur
might look like if they had continued to evolve.

Various types of bipedal, upright walking reptoids have
been reported. The three most common types are:

1. Reptoids (Reptilian-Humanoids).
2. The winged Draco reptoids and their superiors, the
Draco Prime reptoids.
3. Reptilian - Grey crossbreeds.

For the most part, the classical reptoid type 1 is what is
addressed throughout this site.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Game postponed.....

Sad news... just found out that my mother passed away
suddenly without warning of a hart attack last night.
So I'll be off line for a bit and will have Bill watch
the list while I'm gone.

Thank You gentlemen .


200th Post!

Another mile stone gentlemen, congratulations!

Tooth And Claw

Another heads up from Sir Paul at YWW:
Tooth And Claw is a complete set of miniature wargame rules
for the most civilized past-time of hunting extinct prehistoric
mammals, by Chris Peers (author of Saurian Safari and Mammalian Mayhem)

Inspired mainly by the re-release of the splendid Dee Zee Miniatures models (though it does cater for a range of other creatures not so far included in this range),Tooth And Claw offers an exciting and
challenging evening's entertainment. It uses fairly conventional
skirmish wargame mechanisms to enable players to take on the
roles of Stone Age tribesmen or Victorian big game hunters as
they go in pursuit of some of the most dangerous creatures of all
time - the monsters of the early Age of Mammals and the giants
of the Ice Age.

All the players in Tooth And Claw take on the role of
hunters, with the animals being controlled automatically.
A game of this type lends itself perfectly to one-off
scenarios, which can be played either solo or with a
group of players. Players can either co-operate or
compete against each other, according to their
temperament or how you set things up.

The rulebook is 36 pages and fully illustrated in full
color throughout.

Available from all good hobby shops and from around
22nd November.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saurian Safari!

Players assume the roles of Victorian-era hunters out to bag the biggest game of all time. There is a nice variety of animals to choose from in Saurian Safari!, from dinosaurs to prehistoric mammals, and the rules come with several scenarios that let gamers tailor the hunts to their own preferences.

Saurian Safari! is a cooperative game with the players working together to bag an animal instead of competing against each other. All animal moves are based on reaction tables, so there is no need for a “game master” to oversee animal encounters and the game can be played completely solo. Players will need a d20 set of dice to play the game, as well as the appropriate miniatures.

Prehistoric Pulp

Prehistoric Pulp is a blog dedicated to fantastic fiction about
dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, with reviews, cover
blurbs and news about upcoming works.

Also covered here, although less comprehensively, are comics and
board/roleplaying games featuring prehistoric critters. There are no
reviews for movies or television shows, but I do include news items
about upcoming films.

The Sudan 1883-85

Sir Paul from YWW:
found another excellent resource!

The Wargames Illustrated website has a great guide on how to paint
your redcoats to ensure that they look their finest while campaigning
for Her Majesty.

Its written specifically for the Sudan but fits for any overseas British
troop deployments throughout the Empire.

Ingenious Engines

Being in the main a utile and eclectic compendium
of information and resources for simulating the fantastical
adventures and speculative conflicts using vigorous
imagination, miniature figurines, and scenics cunningly

Victorian Science Fiction (hereafter VSF) records the vision
of the future by writers at the turn of the last century and
their followers into the present day. My definition of VSF is
a loose one. I include the scientific romances of H.G. Wells
and Arthur Conan Doyle (Martians and lost worlds), the
adventure fiction of H. Rider Haggard (lost races and ancient
treasures), alternate historical works such as that of the
modern Harry Turtledove (the other side won the war), and
the steampunk visions of Gibson and Stirling (Charles Babbage
made a computer). Some of the rules I include are “straight”
colonial or exploration games which can easily be adapted to
VSF by incorporating the themes and accoutrements of the

Tusk !

The basic rule set. Dinosaur/Mammoth Hunting

Expansion set for Tusk I

Sci-Fi expansion set. Needs Tusk I & Tusk II

Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday Battle

Taking the occasion of the Thanksgivings holiday
I thought it would be a good time to do a VSF battle.
It involves two allied coalitions that follow our
VSF alternate historical background.

The Defenders: Over 100 Arabs, small contingents
of German marines and East Asian Battalion with
attached regular infantry and one AV7 landship.
The Germans are on the right, Arabs in center to
left. As from the center to far left are a British heavy
Machine gun platoon a few squads of infantry and
on the left flank are two squads of infantry and two
Rolls Royce armored cars and one heavy Titan class

The Attackers: A huge French,New Confederate,
and Italian force. The New Confederates are on
the left facing the Germans the French are in the
center to far right. The large Italian force is just off
table behind the Confederates. Another 300 French
are also just off table.

Five turns off table is a British and Turk relief force.
The Turks can only enter table on roadway behind
Germans. The British can only enter table on roadway
behind the on table British. Each unit must be rolled
for on the fifth and every turn there after to enter
the table.

Set up can be seen here:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Armies of the Raj

FARWELL, BYRON. Armies of the Raj: From the Great Indian Mutiny to Independence, 1858-1947.

W.W. Norton, New York, (1991), 2nd printing.. 399 pp, 8vo (8 3/16" H), soft cover. B&w illustrations. Contents: The Great Indian Army; From Company to Crown; Britons and Indians; First Wars and Troubles Under the Crown; A "Moral and Social Question"; British Officers; Playing the Great Game; The Imperial Assemblage;
and much more.

Hunters Bag Giant Squirrel

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Battle Report: Pursuit

After the kidnapping a few weeks before, Captain Campbell
of the HMS Active decided it was proper to pursue the Zulus
and attempt to free their captured prize. A small column
consisting one platoon of 92nd Highlanders, a platoon of sailors
from the HMS Active, and a field gun battery marched into
Zululand to form an advance scouting party to probe Zulu
activity across the border.

Battle Report: Kidnap

This seemed like an appropriate first scenario: One of
the "excuses" used by the British prior to the invasion
of Zululand involved an incident where several wives
of a Zulu chief had eloped with their lovers into British

Conclusion Of Wazulidi

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thunderchild II

The British Admiralty announced the launching of the Armoured
Cruiser Thunderchild II.

The world is well aware of the heroic exploits of the original steal
ram Thunderchild . Due to her valiant stand against the invaders
it was deicided to name the next new Armoured Cruiser the
Thunderchild II.

H.G. Well's War Of The Worlds Concept Sketches

Sir Harry Joins Lost World Expedition

The world famous Big Game hunter
Sir Harry has signed on to Sir Paul's
return expedition to the Lost Valley.
The expedition will be seeking to
take the great white Plesiosaur that
cost Sir Paul his leg on his first trip
into the valley some years ago.

His Grace Duke Donald has agreed to both finance
and accompany the expedition and has secured the
services of the gun boat HMS Scylla along with
other military support.

The expedition will be fitting out over the next few
months with the expectation of getting underway
by spring.

Elecrtic Gun

Thursday, November 15, 2007

She Needs A Name

As you know gentlemen, I've acquired a fine paddle
wheeled river steamer.What she requires now is a
name worthy of her. I'd like to hear your suggestions!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lost World TV Series

Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic tale
of adventure, The Lost World brings the astounding
exploits of a band of adventurers to life. Determined
to prove the existence of The Lost World, dashing
adventurer and scholar Professor Edward Challenger
mounts a British expedition team consisting of a
mismatched group of enthusiasts, all with less than
selfless reasons for making the journey. Traveling
through the uncharted Amazon jungle to this
prehistoric plateau, the group encounters incredible
adventures: tribal headhunters, vicious ape men

giant crocodiles, and terrifying dinosaurs!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Martian Empires

I just saw this over on TMP!

We are very pleased to announce the
publication of Oozlum Games' first ruleset
in the form of Martian Empires – a set of
fast-play big battles rules for
Victorian Science Fiction games.

Martian Empires is in full colour throughout,
runs to 52 pages excluding covers, and
includes full rules,army lists and five
introductory scenarios. The rules are
priced at £15.00 GBP.

The rules have been developed over the last three years,
and there is a thriving forum dedicated to Martian Empires
here.Black Hat Miniatures launched a comprehensive range
of Martian warriors and space-faring Victorian British soldiers
in November 2004. This range now includes over 50 packs
and vehicles, and is still growing. Oozlum Games, the publishers
of Martian Empires, is a joint venture between Black Hat Miniatures
and Fighting 15s. Martian Empires is the first in a series of rules
that we will be publishing over the next few years based on the
Huzzah! system. Martian Empires is now available to purchase
through the Black Hat Miniatures shop at

Martian Empires is available in the U.S.A. through
Scale Creep Miniatures.

I have now added the item to my online shop and will have
an order in to Mike later this week. You may pre-order the
book now to ensure you get yours hot off the presses so to

Mark Severin