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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ingenious Engines

Being in the main a utile and eclectic compendium
of information and resources for simulating the fantastical
adventures and speculative conflicts using vigorous
imagination, miniature figurines, and scenics cunningly

Victorian Science Fiction (hereafter VSF) records the vision
of the future by writers at the turn of the last century and
their followers into the present day. My definition of VSF is
a loose one. I include the scientific romances of H.G. Wells
and Arthur Conan Doyle (Martians and lost worlds), the
adventure fiction of H. Rider Haggard (lost races and ancient
treasures), alternate historical works such as that of the
modern Harry Turtledove (the other side won the war), and
the steampunk visions of Gibson and Stirling (Charles Babbage
made a computer). Some of the rules I include are “straight”
colonial or exploration games which can easily be adapted to
VSF by incorporating the themes and accoutrements of the


La Coloniale said...

Cool almost everything VSF under one roof.

Don M said...

Truly useful!My thanks Bill!

Joe said...

A VSF clearing house...)