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Monday, November 26, 2007

Adventures in Jimland

Yet another exceptional find by Sir Paul at YWW:

Adventures in Jimland is a fast paced, not very serious set of rules
for hunting in deepest Darkest Africa and primarily uses a card
system to generate encounters. Gamers take the role of Explorers
who can be supported by a number of soldiers, Askikirs and Beraers
(depending on how much money you have).

Use them as is, or with only a slight tweak, they could work well in the
Land that Time Forgot. Either way, the "Reports from Jimland" are an
amusing read. Oh yes, and its free!


Tas said...

I'm going to combine this with Saurian Safari for a game with my kids.

I think I'll have the game table start blank and build it as they explore

Joe said...

Guy has got a great sense of humor!

La Coloniale said...

I love these! What fun, I think
these might work with Tusk...)

Don M said...