Great Set Of VSF Rules

Great Set Of VSF Rules
Rules By Terry Sofian

Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday Battle

Taking the occasion of the Thanksgivings holiday
I thought it would be a good time to do a VSF battle.
It involves two allied coalitions that follow our
VSF alternate historical background.

The Defenders: Over 100 Arabs, small contingents
of German marines and East Asian Battalion with
attached regular infantry and one AV7 landship.
The Germans are on the right, Arabs in center to
left. As from the center to far left are a British heavy
Machine gun platoon a few squads of infantry and
on the left flank are two squads of infantry and two
Rolls Royce armored cars and one heavy Titan class

The Attackers: A huge French,New Confederate,
and Italian force. The New Confederates are on
the left facing the Germans the French are in the
center to far right. The large Italian force is just off
table behind the Confederates. Another 300 French
are also just off table.

Five turns off table is a British and Turk relief force.
The Turks can only enter table on roadway behind
Germans. The British can only enter table on roadway
behind the on table British. Each unit must be rolled
for on the fifth and every turn there after to enter
the table.

Set up can be seen here:


Bill said...

Wow! You don't do small do you?
Never mind it was a rhetorical question!Looks great buddy...)

La Coloniale said...

Come on Bill you know my old man!
Looking forward to kicking his butt, I'm the French in this one....)

Joe said...

Looks like a nice little (cough cough!!!) fight... ;-P

Don M said...

Guilty as charged..I hate small ;-P

Bill said...

So when is the kick off or has it happened already?

Don M said...

Bill said...

So when is the kick off or has it happened already?

Be tomorrow afternoon running over the next few Sundays.