The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

British Camp Attacked

Following the Wazulu Impis incursion on to the
Nacukul Plain Her Majesty's Government dispatched
a relief column under Colonel Charles Sutherland.
The relief force was to stop further Wazulu raids and
to assist and provide aid to the friendly Nashanti.

This was another game that followed one of
Gabriel Landowski's battles, this time it was
"Saving Sir Higginbottom - The Second Day "

Another fun game with a somewhat better outcome for
the British!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Wazulu Rampage On Central Nacukul Plain

Several Wazulu Impis (brigades) swept across the
central Nacukul plain attacking the local Nashanti
villages.The Impis broke into Amabutho (regiments)
to conduct attacks and cattle raids.

This battle was a pretty close re-fight of Gabriel Landowski's
"Washing of The Spears" using his rule book.

The game system was a blast to use, very easy and fast!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Fort Beauregard

Confederate troops of the 3rd Division mobilize at Fort
Beauregard Odessa Texas, following Apache raids to the

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Prussian Kanaltruppen And Tripod Steam Walkers

Prussian Kanaltruppen and support Tripod Steam Walkers
arrive in Dioscuria.These troops will relieve the Seebataillon
and supplement the two battalions of Mars Schutzrtuppen
and the four battalions of Boreosyrtis Martian Askari.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Confederate And French Assault

A joint Confederate and French force assaulted Federal Republican
Mexican insurgents near Monterrey.The allied force easily crushing
the insurgents and capturing many. The remainder of the insurgents
fleeing the battlefield. The allied force remained in the area of
Monterrey for a week and is now preparing to march back to their
respective base camps.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gabriel Landowski Miniature Gaming Vol. I

This book contains everything that you need to get interested in this
wonderful hobby and is excellent for beginner and experienced players.
Includes concepts, rules, examples, and at least half filled with full color
pictures of miniatures in action!

There is a link to the left to Gabriel's page "Damned Human Race - 11 Skirmish"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Space: 1889


The original Space: 1889 game was one of many roleplaying games
that were published in the wake of the huge success of Dungeons and
Dragons. Space: 1889 was devised and written by Frank Chadwick.
The two-hundred page core rulebook was first published by GDW in
1988 and provided everything that was needed to create and run
adventures for two or more players in a Victorian science fiction setting.

Soldier's Companion

This long awaited reprint combines a good, solid set of of
miniatures rules with the Victorian Science
Fiction elements of Space: 1889 ®. While allowing for the
addition of land juggernauts, combat tripods, and aerial flyers,
the rules work just was well for a rag-tag British column
fighting its way through the passes of the Northwest Frontier.
Soldier's Companion
covers the wealth of period military
equipment and extensively details the major armies of Earth,
Mars, Venus, and Luna.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

15mm RAJAH BROOKE IN BORNEO (Designed by Chris Ferree)

Through the mid part of the 19th century, the area between Singapore and
Canton was a virtual "No-Man's Land" for free trade. In the South China Sea,
pirates could come from any direction. They came from China, the Philippines
and Borneo, ready to swoop in and devour any unsuspecting or disabled
merchantman. The task of protecting European interests in the area fell to men
like Capt. Henry Keppel of H.M.S Dido, Capt. Rodney Mundy of H.M.S. Iris, and
the most famous of all, the "White Rajah of Sarawak," James Brooke. It was
their job to penetrate the dark jungle rivers and the uncharted reefs and bays to
strike against the headhunting Dayak, the battle-crazed Illunan and the calculating

Copied from the Introduction to the new rule set The Kris and The Flame by
Chris Ferree

This can be found at THE LONDON WAR ROOM:

Great people to do business with! I've bought the entire line....
they were to nice to pass up!

Colonial British Army

I just got my order from Turbil Miniatures of a Colonial
British Army consisting of 80 foot including 2 command
groups. I must say that Haley at Turbil was an absolute
pleasure to deal with and always answered my questions
promptly. Their service is quite fast and I'm pleased with
the quality.

Turbil Miniatures
24 Barnsley road , Wombwell
Barnsley, S Yorkshire, UK, S73 8DD

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yet more Yanks Have Landed

I've added to the Americans with figs from the outstanding LKM Direct (old Freikorp15) Spanish American War Americans that include Marines, Naval Landing party,Pack Train, US Cavalry Mounted, and US Army Wagons. In short all the odds and ends I didn't already have.

Greetings and Hallucinations!

Greetings one and all,

I'm starting this blog to further my "new"
interest in Victorian science fiction warfare (VSF gaming) in 15mm scale. I will also cover other science fiction miniature gaming as well but,the main intent is to explore the Victorian aspect of Sci-figaming.

Why VSF?:

The interest had it's start back in 1989 with the purchase of
Frank Chadwick's Space 1889,Cloudships & Gunboats,Sky
Galleons of Mars, and my personal favorite SoldiersCompanion.
I purchased these rules but because of mymilitary commitments
never had the time to put into them that I would have liked.

And If you wanted to know about the Brazos Evil Empire?:

Well this started out as a joke by a life long friend regarding
my miniatures collection, that "some' say is too large.....silly
attitude really... ;-) Well this, (as these things tend to do with
gamers) took on a life of it's own. I'll not regale you all with
the sorted details here but if any are interested in delving into
our collective insanity look at the url below.

The Ottoman Empire

Part of how I finally got back into VSF was the gift I received
from my wife of a few hundred WWI Turks, still shocked over
this as after 24 years of marriage this was the first gift of
miniatures she ever gave me. Thing was I had nothing else
from that era....not that I'd let that stop me......)

The Ottoman Empire, far from it's former status as the poor
man of Europe, has under the direction of the "Young Turks"
reasserted it's self upon the world stage. The Turks have
reoccupied Morocco, Libya, Sudan,and have rearmed with the
help at different times, of Germany and the United Kingdom.
The Turkish government has successfully played the interests
of one European power off of another. Granting Greece it's
independence without a fight and supplying the British and
German governments with information about Russian
maneuvering in areas of interest to both empires, has won the
Turkish government the friendship of both, in part at least.
The relationship with the French, Italian and Confederate
governments has not been as civil. The Turks drove the
Italians outof Libya and have fought several skirmishes
with the French on both the Libyan and Moroccan boarders
of Algeria. The Turkish navy has also exchanged shots in the
Mediterranean with a combined Confederate and Royal Mexican
flotilla,that was on a "good will " tour to several North African
ports.The Turks are still expanding their military power and
looking to consolidate their hold on both their north and west
African conquests, as well as the continued refit their navy and

Victorian World Gaming Map

Our Victorian World Gaming Map and *current* World Alliances:

The world Alliances at the moment are divided into several blocks
with the English, German, and Japanese being the strongest in both
territory and technology. The French, Italian,Confederate,Royal
Mexican and Russian being the second. The nonaligned are the
United States, Austria, Manchu China, South and Central Americas
and Siam.

There is also a new brake away Federal Republic Of Mexico that runs
from the central Yucatan to the Pacific coast.No other government
has yet to officially recognize this new Republic but, it is strongly
rumored that the United States is suppling aide. The American
government denies this and other accusations that well trained
former Cuban Insurectos have been sent in to prop up and support
this new Republic.

Yanks Have Landed

I just got this lot off a guy, and it arrived today they are all from the
Richard Houston's" A Splendid Little War' 15mm line:

20 US Volunteer Cav (Rough Riders) dismounted,6 Black Cav w. off,
3 pks of 1 mtn gun w/4crew and 3 mules, 3 pks of a gatling gun w/
4 crew and 3 mules, 1 shell gun w/4 crew, 1 revolving gun w/4 crew,
2 x Dynamite guns w/4 crew, 2 x 2 pdr hotchkiss gun w. 4 crew, 1
gatling gun w/ 4 crew, 2 x 3.2" breech loader s w/4 crew, 1 pk of 4
suplly mules, tent, ammo,food; Prone x 36 , dead x 36 , 158 infantry
+ 15officers, Mtd gen Lawton, a personality pk ofTeddy mtd and on
foot + Shafter on mule andWheeler mtd.

Well with the others I have these is enough for some pretty sizeable
battles. I will be using these for both historical and for Victorian
Science Fiction (VSF). The first game that I'm planing is a VSF
Stargate game....Even keeping the same names just the time will
be changed..)


War Report

British Landships Under Construction

Admiralty London; British Landships Under Construction:

The Admiralty announced Tuesday the construction of two
new landslip classes, the heavy Titan and light Chimera. These
are to be the first of eight ships in each class built for over seas
and off world service.