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Monday, March 19, 2007

Soldier's Companion

This long awaited reprint combines a good, solid set of of
miniatures rules with the Victorian Science
Fiction elements of Space: 1889 ®. While allowing for the
addition of land juggernauts, combat tripods, and aerial flyers,
the rules work just was well for a rag-tag British column
fighting its way through the passes of the Northwest Frontier.
Soldier's Companion
covers the wealth of period military
equipment and extensively details the major armies of Earth,
Mars, Venus, and Luna.


Mitch Williamson said...

By far the best attraction to this genre 'Space 1889' has the best 'fluff'. This Companion is an essential addition to the main books.

Don M said...

These rules also play like "Sword
And The Flame". A very good set
of colonial rules.

Bill said...

They are great for unit organizations also!

Joe said...

Soldier's Companion House Rules can be found here: