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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Greetings and Hallucinations!

Greetings one and all,

I'm starting this blog to further my "new"
interest in Victorian science fiction warfare (VSF gaming) in 15mm scale. I will also cover other science fiction miniature gaming as well but,the main intent is to explore the Victorian aspect of Sci-figaming.

Why VSF?:

The interest had it's start back in 1989 with the purchase of
Frank Chadwick's Space 1889,Cloudships & Gunboats,Sky
Galleons of Mars, and my personal favorite SoldiersCompanion.
I purchased these rules but because of mymilitary commitments
never had the time to put into them that I would have liked.

And If you wanted to know about the Brazos Evil Empire?:

Well this started out as a joke by a life long friend regarding
my miniatures collection, that "some' say is too large.....silly
attitude really... ;-) Well this, (as these things tend to do with
gamers) took on a life of it's own. I'll not regale you all with
the sorted details here but if any are interested in delving into
our collective insanity look at the url below.

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