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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yanks Have Landed

I just got this lot off a guy, and it arrived today they are all from the
Richard Houston's" A Splendid Little War' 15mm line:

20 US Volunteer Cav (Rough Riders) dismounted,6 Black Cav w. off,
3 pks of 1 mtn gun w/4crew and 3 mules, 3 pks of a gatling gun w/
4 crew and 3 mules, 1 shell gun w/4 crew, 1 revolving gun w/4 crew,
2 x Dynamite guns w/4 crew, 2 x 2 pdr hotchkiss gun w. 4 crew, 1
gatling gun w/ 4 crew, 2 x 3.2" breech loader s w/4 crew, 1 pk of 4
suplly mules, tent, ammo,food; Prone x 36 , dead x 36 , 158 infantry
+ 15officers, Mtd gen Lawton, a personality pk ofTeddy mtd and on
foot + Shafter on mule andWheeler mtd.

Well with the others I have these is enough for some pretty sizeable
battles. I will be using these for both historical and for Victorian
Science Fiction (VSF). The first game that I'm planing is a VSF
Stargate game....Even keeping the same names just the time will
be changed..)


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