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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tukulor Ghosts

French West Africa 1912
The Tukulor Empire has been defeated these past 12 years. The French Sudan is relatively quiet, and the Shadow's attentions have turned south through the desert and into the Sahel region of the Sudan and the new colonial administration there. An uprising is fermenting, and the French are totally unsuspecting.

Kurtzburg Hill

German Kamerun at the end of the 19th Century.
This is an early adventure from the life of Colonel Kurtz, a renegade German, formerly of the French Foreign Legion, Force Publique and Mercenary. Kurtz's dominance of a hill, overlooking a river used by the Germans in their advance into the interior has prompted an attack of Kurtz's realm.

Steamship Troopers

"The Bashaw expresses his deepest regrets over this incident and solemnly promises to rescue the Kaiser’s envoy. However, the Bashaw, The Great And Powerful, The Defender Of The Faithful, also pointedly reminds His Majesty’s Government that any foreign intervention in Morocco's internal affairs or violation of her sovereignty will be met with the wrath of Allah."
--Telegram to the German Foreign Ministry, March 18, 1903

"Bei der Herr Gott, vee’ll civilize zese savages if vee haf to machine gun und bayonet every vun of zem!"
--Kaiser Wilhelm II to a London Times reporter, March 19, 1903

"It is the sacred duty of France to bring these misguided children of the desert the blessings of French Culture, Shrapnel, & Quick Firing Cannon."
--Editorial, Le Petit Parisien, March 20, 1903.

"Any you guys seen my infidel skinning knife?"
--Emir Ali, overheard by an American tourist, March 21,1903.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Comments On 2HWG's Colonial Adventures Rules

While at MilleniumCon last weekend, I played in a game using Ed Teixeira's new Two Hour Wargames rules Colonial Adventures. The scenario was titled "The Raid" and was run by Al Maurer of Askari Miniatures using his lovely North African colonial figures.

From the events list description: "Players take command of French Foreign Legionnaires conducting a raid of a Berber village. Can you find and capture the leader of the rebellion?"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Turbil Miniatures

Welcome to Turbil Miniatures. We specialise in painting, basing and designing Wargame figures of all scales, on this site we have listed our main types of figures we cover but are open to anything the gamer is looking for to fill those last few shelves in the garage! We also produce our own scenery for any period and scale. So feel free to have a look around and if there is anything you are interested in just ask.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Interwar Period Red Infantry & Cavalry

I picked up the following from Bloodaxe Miniatures:
Soviet Infantry Officer in Budenka Cap
Soviet Infantry in Budenka Cap
Soviet Maxim Gun & Crew in Budenka Cap
Soviet Cavalry in Budenka Cap
Was wondering how to paint them up when
I was lucky enough to see these by

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pershings Doughboys

We may as well begin by explaining an accepted origin for the term Doughboy which has become so closely associated with the soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force in WW1. Our minds must be cast back to 1916 and the punitive expedition across the Mexican border to catch the infamous Pancho Villa. Coined as a term of derision toward infantrymen, as they became covered in the fine adobe dust thrown up by cavalry hooves and motor transport wheels, the term soon evolved into quite the opposite as it would mark the men as combat veterans.who had gone overseas to do their bit for Uncle Sam.