Great Set Of VSF Rules

Great Set Of VSF Rules
Rules By Terry Sofian

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Steampunk Soldiers: The American Frontier

Even as the discovery and exploitation of hephestium helped bring the Civil War to its close in 1869, the arms race it engendered resulted in a cold war just as bitter and violent as open hostilities had been. With neither side willing to rely solely upon the talents of their scientific establishments, saboteurs, double agents, and assassins found ample employment. Against this backdrop of suspicion and fear, thousands of Americans--Northerners and Southerners alike--headed west. Some to escape the legacies of the war, some to find their own land, some for the lure of that great undiscovered strike of hephestium that would make them rich, and some simply to escape the law. Ahead of these pioneers stood the native tribes, behind them followed the forces of two governments, while to the north and south, foreign powers watched closely for their own opportunities.
This newly unearthed collection of the works of Miles Vandercroft fills a considerable gap in our knowledge of the travels of that remarkable individual, and also provides a fascinating guide to the costume and equipment of the forces active in the great drive westward.

Steampunk Soldiers: Uniforms & Weapons from the Age of Steam (Dark Osprey)

Steampunk Soldiers is a unique pictorial guide to the last great era of bright and colorful uniforms, as well as an important historical study of the variety of steam-powered weaponry and equipment that abounded in the days before the Great War of the Worlds.
Between 1887 and 1895, the British art student Miles Vandercroft travelled around the world, sketching and painting the soldiers of the countries through which he passed. In this age of dramatic technological advancement, Vandercroft was fascinated by how the rise of steam technology at the start of the American Civil War had transformed warfare and the role of the fighting man. This volume collects all of Vandercroft's surviving paintings, along with his associated commentary on the specific military units he encountered.

War of the Worlds: The Anglo-Martian War of 1895 (Dark Osprey)

On one terrible night in August 1895, the world changed for ever. Southern England became the landing site of a group of mysterious grey cylinders that came hurtling down from the stars. Nobody could have guessed that these strange objects would herald the most desperate and important conflict in the history of mankind. The war pitted man against machines from space and no quarter was asked for or given on either side. The outcome would be decided by the smallest of things...
This is the essential guide to the Anglo-Martian conflict of 1895, offering unique comparison of the two belligerents, English and alien. It looks at the forces available to each and evaluates their respective tactics and strategies. Finally, it tells the full story of those fateful fifteen days, punctuated by the best and worst possible human experiences. It is a story of hope and despair, courage and terror, victory and defeat.

Italian Land Battleship For AQMF

Made for a Japanese Comic, I think it's perfect for my
AQMF Italians.....)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Briish Indian Army AQMF

Some reinforcements for my British Indian army:
15MM  Colonial  British Cavalry  Lancers   
12 riders & 12 horses Old Glory Miniatures

15MM  Colonial  British/Indian Troops 1st Grenadier Regt. Bombay Native Infantry
20 Old Glory Miniatures

15MM  Colonial  British/Indian Troops 1st Sikh Infantry Punjab Frontier Force
20 Old Glory Miniatures

Monday, June 5, 2017

My British Indian Army in AQMF

From Rebel Miniatures Pulp Adventures Line:
For My British Indian Army in AQMF
Rebel Minis is proud to offer the 15mm Steampunk British Infantry pack! Whether you are in Africa or MARS for your adventures, these gas masked British soldiers will be perfect!! Each pack contains 21 British and are perfect for Pulp Gaming and Steampunk gaming!

Rebel Minis is proud to offer the 15mm Nemo Heavy Infantry pack! Each pack contains 21 Minis and are perfect for Pulp Gaming and Steampunk gaming! These will be the armored infantry allowed in AQMF for the British Indian Army

Where the campaign will take place and a general overview of the forces involved :

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Stuart Murray provided suggestions on combining the StarGrunt rules with Victorian era troops. Laserlight (aka Chris DeBoe) provided about three minutes (his words) of editing plus the name RajGrunt.

Imperial Forces

  • British Army, 1860 to 1895: blue to orange. Home Service units may be green, while Rifles would be orange.
  • Gurkhas: blue to orange
  • Indian sepoys: blue
  • Punjab Frontier Force: orange to red
  • Regular artillery: blue
  • Royal horse Artillery: orange
  • Cavalry: green to blue
  • Lancers: green to blue, with some exceptions--Bengal Lancers are orange.

Enemies of the Crown

  • Pathans: mostly green with occasional blue
  • Afghan Regulars: green and blue
  • Egyptian Army: green, with later units blue
  • Sudanese regulars: blue
  • Zulus: mix of green to veteran depending upon unit type
  • Ansars: green
  • Fuzzy Wuzzies: blue


  • Musket: FP 0.5 Impact D6 (regular troops one action to reload, irregulars 2 actions, may not move and fire)
  • Jezail: FP 1 Impact D8 (2 actions to reload, double range like a sniper rifle, may not move and fire)
  • Snider-Enfield/Trapdoor Springfield Carbine: FP 1 Impact D8
  • Martini-Henry/Trapdoor Springfield Rifle/Rollingblock Remington: FP 1 Impact D10
  • Lee-Metford/Krag-Jorgensen/Mauser: FP 1 Impact D10. Can use FP 2 but must use a Reorg action (or, for Krag-Jorgenson, two actions) to reload before using FP2 again.
  • Nordenfeld: FP D6 Impact D8 (Jam on 1-2 on D6)
  • Gatling: FP 6 Impact D10 (Jam on 1 on D6)
  • Maxim: FP D8 Impact D10
  • Cav/Lancers: one/two shifts up in close assault. Lances cause Terror.
  • Bayonets: British regulars openly fixing bayonets before a charge should cause a penalty to the close assault Stand roll for Pathans and Boers.


Irregulars come in bands of 10-20 figures, with one overall leader. All irregulars will have melée weapons. The proportion with guns will depend upon their nationality:
  • Pathans--up to 50%
  • Zulus--20%
  • Ansars--up to 50%
  • Fuzzies--10 to 50%
Regulars form platoons of 15 to 20 figures led by a leftenant and sergeant, with two to four platoons per Company ("platoon" and "company" correspond to the Battalion page's "company" and "battalion wing"). The Company is led by a Major and Company Sergeant Major. Ancilliaries may be Bugler/Musician, Medical Orderly and Colours, plus baggage consisting of perhaps five mules per company for ammunition. All Regulars, both British and Indian, are organized similarly. Indian units have Indian NCOs and officers but the Company is commanded by a British officer and CSM. Gurkha units have both British Lieutenants and Company officers but the NCOs are Gurkhas.
Artillery comes at no more than one artillery piece per platoon, or even less, possibly one per company.
Regulars may change formations, using one action to do so. Formations include March (on roads), Open Order, Square, and Line. Units in Line may take two separate fire actions in an activation, firing front and rear ranks.

Other Changes

The Regimental Sergeant Major has leather lungs and retains a six inch communications range. All other leaders change communication range down to 3 inches. Command reactivations for units outside this range must be passed by a messenger--for the British, this is normally a mounted officer.
Detachments must be given specific orders in advance.
Given the ferocity of the natives and their treatment of prisoners, both sides should have a bonus to make Last Stand rolls--especially any French Foreign Legion units.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Technical Analysis Of War Of The Worlds (part-1)

This article is a “history” of H.G. Wells classic science fiction novel,
“The War of the Worlds”, as if it actually happened, complete with
technological assessments, logistical evaluations and strategic analyses.
Naturally, the first subject will be prominent given the vast
technological superiority of the invading Martians.

Technical Analysis Of War Of The Worlds (part-1)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

US Land Ironclad!.

In the realm of (Oh Shinny) I had to have one!
US Land Ironclad!. Thinking of painting
this up as Naval perhaps with a DAZZEL
pattern...We'll see.