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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cole Palen

James Henry “Cole” Palen(1925-1993)Cole Palen, founder and curator of New York’s Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, passed away peacefully on December 8, 1993 shortly before his 68th birthday. With his passing the aviation world and the early aircraft preservation movement in particular lost not only a unique pilot and collector, but also a great character and showman.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

I had many happy weekends spent here as a
kid, and it's still going strong!

Lets Do Some Blazing Skies !

From the serious to the down right silly,
'Blazing Skies' has something for everyone!

Now get out there you lot and build a few kites!

Nice drawings of WWI aircraft ....

look at it fast as geocities is gone


Blazing Skies On The Cheap VI

Blazing Skies On The Cheap V

Blazing Skies On The Cheap IV

Blazing Skies On The Cheap III

Blazing Skies On The Cheap II


Blazing Skies On The Cheap!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Once Upon A Time In Lancaster County

Cinegrunt 2: This time it's personal!
Reckon we gonna git paid soon?" "Nope" "Reckon we gonna
start shootin mighty soon"
"Yup, jes waitin' for the stagecoach with the payroll"
The year, 1883, the place, Ryan City, Lancaster County,
a time and place of adventure and desperation. A titanic
struggle between 'simple poor' folk and the most powerful
man in the town, Clint Ryan. Will Clint continue to rob
blind every man working for him or will justice prevail.
Tune in to "Once upon a time in Lancaster County"
at ECC X to find out.

Rustlers Beware!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FMA Sheep III: Quest For The Soul Of Tom Baa-clay

Tom Baa-clay's soul was sold last ECC, and it's up to you to
recover it. Lead your stalwart and reliable followers on a
pleasant jaunt through rural East Africa in 1889. Visit large
numbers of charming natives and experience their quaint
customs. Get a close-up view of exotic wildlife. Capture the
valuable and docile African Killer Sheep. It'll be a cakewalk
....really! Probably absolutely no nuclear weapons or Elder
Gods at all, this time!
[FMASheep is an Extreme event and severe psychological
trauma is a common and expected result of participation.
The ECC committee expressly disclaims any liabililty or

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Space 1889 - War against The Mercury Pirates

Nearly one hundred years after the fledgling United States Navy first engaged the Barbary Coast pirates, the fledgling United States Aero-Navy finds itself engaged in a similar battle. Shipments from Mercury Mercury Mines (3M) have halted following attacks on resupply ships by a pirate calling himself Barbarossa -- "Redbeard." Declaring that the "skies must be as free as the seas," President Roosevelt has sent Commodore Decatur (grandson of Lieutenant Decatur) to locate and destroy the pirate base. Caution is advised as descriptions of the pirate fleet appear to match a German fleet which was thought lost to solar storms some 6 months ago -- right about the time the "pirates" appeared. The Kaiser denies that any such fleet ever existed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall Recruits

Hello Everyone,It seems just like yesterday that we last got together for Spring Recruits, butat least I think I can promise you that it will never snow in September. Well,it is that time of year again, and we would like to invite each of you to FallRecruits!Lee\'s Summit High SchoolLee\'s Summit, MissouriSeptember 25-27, 2009By The Organization of Strategic Gamers (OSG)www.Recruits-Con.ComDoors open at 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon and open again Saturday/Sunday morningat 8:00 am. If you feel that you need to get in earlier, please let us know wewill gladly put you to work helping us get set up! Admission for everyone isstill $5.00 per person. Hotel information is current on our web page andseveral of the nearby inns are offering some great rates. More information canbe found on our web page.The guys who put on the Flames of War qualifier have been working especiallyhard this year putting together a themed tournament for the 65th anniversary ofOperation Market Garden. We are really looking forward seeing the terrain forthis one, and guys who will be competing are in for a real treat. By the way,preliminary sign-ups for the tournament have passed 70+. Well done.In addition to Flames of War, we will be hosting several Warmachine events aswell. On a side note, Mike Sanderson and Steve Gross have generously passed onour normal DBA tournament until next Spring to show support for theconvention/DBA event scheduled at Fields of Glory in Des Moines, Iowa the sameweekend.As ever, no Recruits cannot be successful without the willingness of gamemasters to share their time and talents at Recruits. If you are planning torun a game and have not yet done so, please use our on-line game masterregistration form feel free to send us an email at you think you might be interested in running an event please register at yourearliest convenience, it would be great to have a solid line-up by Labor DayWeekend. So please come share your love of the hobby with others by running agame!We have a wonderful list of vendors again this Fall and several new editionsmaking their first trip to Recruits. We were very successful with the FleaMarket area last Spring. Again these tables are available on a first come,first serve basis starting at 8:00 am Saturday morning and running until 11:00am. Tables are free with a $5.00 admission. After that we will turn thesetables into the Silent Auction area where everyone will be welcome to placeitems for sale using the criteria we have used for years. Please say thank youto George Knapp for helping us out with this every year.We are also working to put together classes on a variety of topics. Currently,we are considering some beginner and advanced painting classes, as well as acouple on historical topics to be determined. If you think you might beinterested in presenting a class, please contact us.Our Gallery page has been newly updated with Spring 2009 pictures. If you havepictures you would like to share, we will take them if you have them. So pleasefeel free to send them our way. For more information about any of ouractivities, give us an email or phone call. Please contact Duane or Laura Fleckat or 816-228-9246.If you are a member of a forum, Yahoo group, etc. please let folks know aboutRecruits and feel free to pass along our email address and web page, If there is anything that we can help you with, please don\'t hesitate to ask, to call or email.Thank you all for your continued support through the years, and thank you formaking Recruits so much fun! : )Duane and Laura Fleck816-228-9246www.Recruits-Con.ComSeptember 25-27, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Rescue With Photos

The game began as a rescue mission for the French survivors from our last escapade, who had been given lodgings by the local warlord in return for a promise of financial reward from them. However, the Prussian spy Spiegler had approached the local chief in the meantime and upped the offer, hoping that his forces would arrive before any rescue attempt could be made. Obviously he held some sway in the Prussian high command as they seemed to send EVERYTHING, including a rather large Japanese patrol craft.

Building HMES Hermes

One of the main features of the War of the Worlds display on our Open day was the ethergunboat HMES Hermes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mr. Brunel's Land Ironclad

The Land Ironclads

The story opens with a war correspondent and a young lieutenant surveying the calm of the battlefield and reflecting upon the war. The two enemies are dug into trenches, each waiting for the other to attack, and the men on the war correspondent's side are confident in their coming victory. They believe that they will win because they are all strong outdoors-type men who know how to use a rifle and fight, while their enemies are towns people... "a crowd of devitalized townsmen... They're clerks, they're factory hands, they're students, they're civilized men. They can write, they can talk, they can make and do all sorts of things, but they're poor amateurs at war."[1] The men agree that their "open air life" produces far better men for war than their opponents' "decent civilization," and the story does not prove that fact wrong.
In the end, however, it is shown that the decent civilization, with men of science, engineers ways of winning the war, over the better soldiers who instead of developing land ironclads of their own, had been practicing getting better at shooting their rifles from horseback, a tactic which became obsolete the second the land ironclads entered the battlefield. Wells foreshadows this eventual outcome in the conversation of the two men in the first part, when the correspondent tells the lieutenant "Civilization has science, you know, it invented and it made the rifles and guns and things you use," and the lieutenant responds "Which our nice healthy hunters and stockmen and so on, rowdy-dowdy cowpunchers and nigger-whackers, can use ten times better..."[2]
The story ends with the entire army captured by a dozen or so of the land ironclads, and the last scene is of the correspondent comparing his countrymen's "sturdy proportions with those of their lightly built captors."[3], and thinking of the story he is going to write about the experience, noting both that the captured officers are thinking of ways they will defeat what they call the enemy's "ironmongery" with their already-existing weaponry, rather than developing their own land ironclads to counter the new threat, and also noting that the "half-dozen comparatively slender young men in blue pajamas who were standing about their victorious land ironclad, drinking coffee and eating biscuits, had also in their eyes and carriage something not altogether degraded below the level of a man."[4]


Holmes ponders the evidence during Cape May's Sherlock Holmes Weekend, sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC), this year being held November 6-8. In a weekend of murder and suspense aimed at tourists and would-be Watsons, the master detective is faced with one of his most baffling cases yet, the Case of Mistaken Identity by John K. Alvarez, featuring a medical investigation, an inadvertent victim, a case of mistaken identity, a notorious villain, a dark secret, a career policeman, a deep friendship and a daring detective. Participants will get in on the chase uring the Search for Clues Tour, vie for prizes, and enjoy performances, brunch and an optional theatrical production. Information about the weekend and the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts is online. Photo by Joe Evangelista

Monday, August 3, 2009

Anatoray Fleet

The Anatoray fleet consists of 8 different classes of ships. They
are the Ulster, Claimh Solais, Goliath, Majestic, Audacious, Fomor,
Diadem, and Minerve classes.

GURPS : Space 1889

This page is meant to be a quick, no frills guide to converting Space 1889 to GURPS.

Space 1889

Great Britain has more experience with aerial combat than any other nation on Earth but has still only been building aerial gunboats for less than a decade. The first British experience with aerial warfare was on Mars during the Gorovaangian War (1878-79), also now referred to as the First War of the Parhoon Sucession. British officers and men, largely from the Royal Artillery, served alongside Parhoonese cloud sailors in Parhoon's small fleet, manning a handful of modern machineguns and field guns hastily lashed to the wooden decks of the Parhoonese screw galleys.