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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Ottoman Empire

Part of how I finally got back into VSF was the gift I received
from my wife of a few hundred WWI Turks, still shocked over
this as after 24 years of marriage this was the first gift of
miniatures she ever gave me. Thing was I had nothing else
from that era....not that I'd let that stop me......)

The Ottoman Empire, far from it's former status as the poor
man of Europe, has under the direction of the "Young Turks"
reasserted it's self upon the world stage. The Turks have
reoccupied Morocco, Libya, Sudan,and have rearmed with the
help at different times, of Germany and the United Kingdom.
The Turkish government has successfully played the interests
of one European power off of another. Granting Greece it's
independence without a fight and supplying the British and
German governments with information about Russian
maneuvering in areas of interest to both empires, has won the
Turkish government the friendship of both, in part at least.
The relationship with the French, Italian and Confederate
governments has not been as civil. The Turks drove the
Italians outof Libya and have fought several skirmishes
with the French on both the Libyan and Moroccan boarders
of Algeria. The Turkish navy has also exchanged shots in the
Mediterranean with a combined Confederate and Royal Mexican
flotilla,that was on a "good will " tour to several North African
ports.The Turks are still expanding their military power and
looking to consolidate their hold on both their north and west
African conquests, as well as the continued refit their navy and

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