The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Flying Column Checks Wazulu Advance

The Flying column under the command of
Colonel Sir Martian Ashworth encountered
a single Wazulu Impi to the west of the main
Army. Sir Martian's command consists of
the Guards Camel Corps, 2nd Battalion 64th
King's Royal Rifle Corps,3rd Battalion 91st
Highlanders, 3rd Gurkhas, 13th Light Infantry,
23rd Punjab, 17th Lancers, 3rd Dragoons,
4th Bengal Lancers, one battery of Punjab
mountain artillery,one battery of 9lb RHA, and
six Gatling guns attached to various infantry

The Wazulu Impi of 4000 warriors with a battery
of French smooth bore Napoleons as well as a
fairly large amount of French supplied rifles
struck at Inundi pass.

The use of artillery and rifles was a surprise to
British forces and caused considerable causalities
to leading light units in the battle. The 9lb-er
British guns won the range duel and soon destroyed
the Wazulu guns.

The massed fire power of the Highlanders and 64th
King's Royal Rifle Corps with Gatling gun support
stopped the Impi's attack cold.

The Wazulu right flank was struck by the combined
British cavalry, while the left was hit by 23rd Punjab
and 3rd Gurkhas. At one point in the battle the 3rd
Gurkhas distinguished themselves by charging down
a small hillock into Wazulu ranks, and with their Kukris
alone cut a swath through the Impi as the 23rd Punjab
fired from above.

The Wazulu having suffered 30 percent causalities at
that point disengaged and in remarkably good order
retreated back up the pass.

Scouts from the 17th Lancers later reported that the
Wazulu were moving at great speed toward the noth
east where a vast dust cloud could be seen in the
distance closing with the Impi.

Sir Martian prudently decided to pick out a strong position
at the northern end of the pass and send word to Sir Arthur
of these developments.


La Coloniale said...

Brake down of forces/figures used.
British *Flying Column*

Guards Camel Corps, 40 Figures
mounted and dismounted with two
Gatling guns.

2nd Battalion 64th King's Royal
Rifle Corps, 40 Figures.

3rd Battalion 91st Highlanders
60 Figures with two Gatling guns.

3rd Gurkha,30 figures.

13th Light Infantry, 60 figures
with one Gatling gun.

23rd Punjab, 60 figures with one Gatling gun.

17th Lancers, 20 figures.

3rd Dragoons, 30 figures.

4th Bengal Lancers, 20 figures.

Punjab mountain artillery, six
7lb RML Guns.

RHA battery of six 9lb guns.

The Wazulu Impi

100 riflemen, six 12lb smooth
bore artillery pieces, "about"
450 spear and shield armed warriors....)

Bill said...

Interesting "little" fight!
Where did you play this and
who played and with what rules?

Don M said...

I'm a bit curious about this
too Bill, it wasn't played here!

La Coloniale said...

A few friends of mine from
Temple (Jerry), Austin
(Mark & Edward), and Killeen (Allen) met in Temple at
Jerry's home.The troops were
from all of our collections
and were a mix of 20mm plastics
and small 25mm ral partha and minifigs. They looked right with
each other and the Terrain was
by Geohex and looked great.I'd
told them of our campaign and
they loved the concept and wanted in! I figured what the hell, I'm sure the regulars wouldn't mind
as long as there was a good report....) The rules we used
were Frank Chadwick's Soldier's Companion. We used those because three of us had used them before and could talk the other people
through them and not detract
from the game.

Bill said...

Well it sounds as if a
good time was had by all,
and Soldier's Companion
was a good choice for rules.
You plan do do any more ?

Don M said...

Not bad James! I for one don't mind
if you and your pals play out a few
of our scenarios in our campaign, it will help move things along!

Joe said...

Great job James wish I was there!