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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Brass Goggles write up on Major General Tremorden Rederring’s page

The good Mr Suverkropp kindly wrote to tell me about the
lovely Steampunk wargaming page of a delightfully lighthearted group somewhere in Texas - Major General Tremorden Rederring's page!They're pleasantly free and easy about their
lack of historical accuracy - steam velocipede torpedo's are fired across the landscape of Ouargistan from experimental landships, desperately trying to fight back the Martian menace!

In particular, I very much like the `contest' that one of the players
set the others - someone had turned up with their own landship (the
above Her Majesty's Land Ship Ogress), and a long time fan of
Mr Wells work was so impressed, that he collected a hefty pile of junk,
parts and components, and distributed them to the other players with
the challenge to make their own! You can see the results here - I
particularly like "The Bronze Bunny of Ouargistan", but that may be
due to too much Monty Python. Lovely page, and definitely convey's
the lighter side of Steampunk!


La Coloniale said...

It is a great write up, but as Mike
said on MAC, shame the site isn't updated!

Don M said...

I hope they get it going again!

Bill said...

Don M said...
I hope they get it going again!

Your not alone in your wish!

Joe said...

A real shame it's not current.