Great Set Of VSF Rules

Great Set Of VSF Rules
Rules By Terry Sofian

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lanchester Mk.II BY Shouting Into The Void

Peter Fitzpatrick at Shouting Into The Void
This is my 1:100 scale (15mm) Lanchester Mk.II that I had printed in high-definition black acrylate by Shapeways. The color is supposed to be the British army's *Deep Bronze Green*, their standard peace-time color for AFVs on home service during the interwar period. It's a color that consistently defeats me; I can never seem to get close to it. Vallejo do a Bronze Green in their VMC range, but it's nothing like the army color, being more like the color of actual green bronze.

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Clive G said...

That's a truly wonderful model there.