The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Thin Red Line

Royal Welsh Fusileer 1854 (Crimea War)
Serjeant, 11th Hussars 1854 (Crimea War)
Trooper 14th Light Dragoons 1855 (Crimea War)
Trumpeter, Royal Horse Artillery 1856 (Crimea War)
Infantryman 99th Lanarkshire Regiment 1860 (China)
Sgt.Major, 1st Kings Dragoon Guards 1879 (Zulu War)
Colour Sergeant 24th (2nd Warwicks) Regt. 1879 (Zulu War)
Corporal, 17th Lancers 1879 (Zulu War)
Mounted Infantryman 80th Staffordshire Regt.1882 (Sudan War)
Trooper, 11th Hussars 1885 (Home Service)
Private 92nd Gordon Highlanders 1885 (Sudan War)
Major Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1890 (Home Service Undress uniform)
Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers, 1895 (Home Service - marching order)
Driver, Army Service Corps 1899
Sergeant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1898 (Boer War)
Major, Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1898 (Boer War -Staff officer)
Private - Rifle Brigade 1855
Crimea to Boer Corporal,21st Lancers 1898


Bill said...

One should look one's best in
front of the men...Gin gin, do
carry on with your mud pies...)

Joe said...

I'll have my man clean your kit, shall I? ;-)