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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Japanese Ship Building

I'm building a Japanese squadron of a larger gunboat, two
smaller gunboats,a troop barge, and (not to be used this
time)a seaplane tender.The inspiration for my ships comes
(as so often is the case) from another gamers work.

He was doing 1920s China. I figured that since our alternate
history runs from the 1880s to the 1920s I'd build ships that
can serve in that spectrum.Photos up shortly.


Bill said...

Not bad inspiration! I
like the seaplane tender
allot! You'll get to use
it soon. Can't wait to see
your version...)

Joe said...

Man, I haven't even started
mine yet, I better get hot!
I like the look of these, are
yours going to be exactly like
them? Hope to see them soon,
it will spur me on!

Tas said...

Awesome stuff - I'm planning to build a monitor and a river gunboat for my new modular river terrain

Don M said...

Well the two I've seen that
are about 80% done are looking
pretty good....Get hopping
the rest of you! ;-)