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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Building 15mm gunboat

Since we are all at boat building, Tas put this up
on his blog a few days back....might help!

No Sudan game would be complete without Nile
gunboats! The big problem? Other than the Melik
and some drawings of the Tamai class, there exists
very little information about colonial gunboat operations
on the Nile. This despite the fact that in some operations
there were close to 30 steamers in the combat zone! Not
only that, the Mahdists did have steamers and gunboats
of their own, but the onlyreference I’ve seen is the one
that was put out of action by French forces near Fashoda.
Gordon’s forces operated gunboats continuously during
the siege, but again, little is known about the actual combat


Tas said...

As my modular river terrain nears completion, I (re)realise my lack of waterborne transport. What I want is a "how to build a Monitor" article!

Bill said...

Watch this page I'm sure there will be something along those lines...)

Don M said...

I've seen James Steel ram, it's about 80% done. He should have a photo up soon.