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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wazulu King Marshals His Impis Of War!

The Wazulu King Senzangakhona, was reportedly
greatly outraged upon hearing the news of
British intervention into what was always
considered by his people as their justified and
traditional raids on the Nashanti. King Senzangakhona
was quoted to say "After all the spring planting
is done, what else is there for my young warriors
to do?"The Foreign Office has learned that King
Senzangakhona being a traditionalist has long
resisted French and Italian overtures and offers
of technical help to include weapons. This has
changed, our agents have seen both French and
Italian advisors at the Royal Kraal at Umgungundlovu.
There was also one report of French troops seen at
Ulundi, although this can not be confirmed at this time.
The Wazulu King has called up all 35,000 of his warriors.
There also rumors of a Wazulu and Nabyssinian alliance
that is causing great concern in the Foreign Office. The
PM is to address parliament about the situation on the
Nacukul Plain in the next session.

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