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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Archaeologist Party, Feared Lost.

The Royal Geographic Society's expedition to the Uldomon gorge
lead by famed archaeologist Sir Henry Weller is feared to be lost.
The Uldomon gorge is located to the far north east of Tangara just
above the Nacukul Plain and just below Greater Nabyssinia. The
Weller party also had several other notable persons with in it's ranks.
The well known big game hunter Bruce McFarland, Sir Henrys' wife
Helen,and Sir Henrys' life long friend retired British army Major
Richard Melville. The well equipped expedition consisted of many
native bearers and guides, and a large armed contingent of ex soldiers
as well as a unit of Nacu askari all commanded by Major Melville.
Sir Henrys' expedition was to return to Nacukul Station within six
months of their departure, they have now been away eight months.
The expedition was as a safety measure provisioned for up to a
years stay.It is feared with the unrest on Nabyssinian boarder and
the Wazulu Impis raids to the south that the Weller expedition may
be lost. Public pressure is already being received by parliament to
send reinforcements to the area and to mount an emergency rescue
mission to find and save the Weller party.

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