The Martians have invaded, time to return the favor!

The Martians have invaded, time to return the favor!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Mighty Armies on Mars Army Lists

Mighty Armies on Mars The Army Lists are intended to assist players in designing balanced and realistic scenarios based on the planet Mars as depicted in classic Victorian literature. The armies and in fact the scenarios that will no doubt be played out using them are not designed for the hard science fiction genres, but for more of a romanticized view of Mars as seen by the Victorian era. This is the Mars of HG Wells, Jules Verne and CS Lewis, it’s not the MARS of Ray Bradbury or Robert Heinlein and it sure as heck isn’t Philip K Dick or Greg Bear’s Mars. But enough literary references, this is the romanticized era of a dying planet being discovered by the vibrant young cultures of its nearest neighbor. This book contains three eras of Mars wargaming allowing wargames to be set in any of three eras. Please note that none of these eras a fully fleshed out as full campaign settings. There are plenty of campaign settings, a lot with their own line of miniatures and some with roleplaying or wargame rules. These army lists are meant for casual gamers to pick up miniatures (ours or another company’s) and play using Mighty Armies rules.

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