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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cambrai, 1917 By:Megablitz and more

As I mentioned in my earlier post 'Landships', my WW1
tanks were painted very quickly for use in a game. I
can't remember much detail of it so I'll let you try to
figure it out from the photos. To save your eyes, there
are no fewer than 19 tanks on the table at the start of
the game! My three are in the middle (identifiable by
the white/red/white flashes on the front). Those at
the far end may look like 15mm toys but they're just
far away. Honest.

Martin Rapier said...
This was my old Cambrai game, each infantry base represents
a battalion, and IIRC each tank model roughly 30 real tanks.

The game covered the first day of the Cambrai and a frontage
of 12,000 yards. Six British infntry divisions supported by three
cavalry divisions vs two unlucky divisions of German defenders.

As in the historical battle, German artilery firing direct from Bourlon
Wood proved an unpleasant anti-tank obstacle, but as I recall elements
of the cavalry did make it to the 'green fields beyond'.

Tanks are a mixture of Airfix, Emhar and some metal ones (maybe
Minifigs?). Infantry are Emhar, Revell and HaT. The troops further
away are indeed 15mm, but they are further away so obviously they
look smaller.

It seemed sensible at the time:)

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