The Martians have invaded for a second time and the world is at war!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Germans Crush The Fon?

After the German main units engaged and 
drove off the Fon they followed up with a 
Landship and Zeppelin attack on all the 
main Fon villages.These villages were 
completely destroyed,they were however, 
also abandoned by the Fon before the 
attack.There has been no further sign of 
the Fon in many weeks...

1) Main German Land Force Attack
2) German Fleet
3) German Zeppelin Attack


Don M said...

So the Fon ran off? Where do you think they went and do they have allies?

Bill said...

I'm thinking perhaps they might have allies from under the earth, there is a reason for the German interest in this area after all...)

Don M said...

That could make things interesting!

ArmChairGeneral said...

What kind of allies under the earth?

Bill said...

Atlantis would be my guess.

Joe said...

sounds like an interesting turn of events!

La Coloniale said...

Bill you running this solo?