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Saturday, July 17, 2010

King’s African Rifles, 1914–1918

A Lieutenant of the King’s African Rifles (KAR) leads the 1st Section of his infantry platoon in a TSATF colonial wargame. The men in the first two ranks are Matchbox Japanese infantry with havelock cap covers, painted straight from the box, the others have had the Japanese steel helmet carved into a fez. The Lieutenant commanding this section is a Matchbox Japanese officer with a new head taken from an American Civil War infantryman wearing a slouch hat. All of the figures have been speed-painted by dipping the khaki-coloured plastic miniatures in polyurethane varnish tinted with ivory black artist oil colours. The pigmented varnish naturally accumulates in the folds of the miniature’s clothes, shading these areas. Only the boots, ammunition pouches, weapons, hands and faces were painted prior to dipping.


Bill said...

Think we've had this up before?
You doing something with this
idea Joe?

Joe said...

Thought it might have been..I might have been the one to have posted it lol, anyway I'm doing some converting
so that's why I was looking at this again...)