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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Madasahatta Campaign

History of Madasahatta

  • Madasahatta is a large island approximately 110 miles wide and 160 miles long, lying in the Indian Ocean off the East coast of Africa, some 300 miles east of Zanzibar.

  • It had been left in the hands of its native tribes for hundreds of years, except for the Arab trading town. Port Maleesh, on the River Ogopogo in the south-east, which was established by treaty between the Sultan of Zanzibar and the Whoppituppas in 1784.

  • Very little interest was shown by European countries until the discovery of gold deposits in the Bloemingstip Mountains in 1891. This event was rapidly followed by colonies being founded, first by the Germans, who established HANSALAND in Central Madasahatta in 1894, followed by the British who established NEW SURREY in the south-west of the island two years later. After several diplomatic incidents, an agreed border between the-two colonies running along the centreline of the Bloemingstip mountains was drawn by the Treaty of Badlikortout in 1898.

  • It was rapidly discovered that the HANSA OST AFRIKA company knew what they were doing, and all the gold deposits were on the German side of the mountain range. Queen Victoria made it plain that she was not amused by this fact, and the policy of British Governors of New Surrey since then has been to find some plausible reason for extending the colony in a northerly direction.


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