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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Torchwood Institute

While the series is placed in today's world The
Torchwood Institute was formed by her majesty,
And should therefore be explored!

The Torchwood Institute is a fictional organisation from the British
science fiction television series Doctor Who and its spin-off series,
It was founded by Queen Victoria to research and combat
alien threats
to Great Britain, and use their findings to make the British
Empire great again. To
those ends, it acquires and reverse engineers
alien technology by any means deemed
necessary. According to its
director Yvonne Hartman, its nationalist
attitude extends to refusing to
use metric units.

While described as "beyond the United Nations", they are known to
cooperate with UNIT to some extent. There appears at present to be
some sort of rapport with the PrimeMinister although historically this
may not always have been the case. To those that have come in contact
with Torchwood, they are primarily believed to be a special forces team.
They appear to maintain this illusion by using false witnesses or by
sectioning any journalists who threaten to expose the truth, and via the
use of memory altering drugs.Following a major incident involving the
Institute, the stance of the organisation becomes much less
confrontational and secretive.


Don M said...

I think we've at last found the
perfect VSF faction for Will!
I can see it now his special
operations troops called:

Torchwood Institute Termination Squads....)

Bill said...

Oh yes :

Torchwood Institute Termination Squads

Torchwood Institute Tactical Squads

Torchwood Institute Technical Squads

A wide variety of TITS for every need....)