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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stranger In The Mess!

As the traditional welcome to the Regiment new messers
are required to drain the Regimental Cup in one go, if
successful your fellow messers will share your mess bill
for a month. If you fail to drain the cup a bottle of good
Claret well be given to each of your mess mates and charged
to your account.

Good Luck and Welcome to the Regiment!


Bill said...

A hearty welcome to our little asylum gentlemen!

I hope you find it enjoyable and
I for one look forward to getting to know you and sharing ideas etc.

Again Welcome!


Joe said...

Indeed gentlemen welcome to our little group,I hope that you do
enjoy yourselves!

Don M said...

Mike and Allan feel free to jump in !

Tas said...

"The Bottles of Claret are on me Gentlemen", Zulu Dawn

Nice one!